The Mass Construction community is a diverse bunch. Whether he is willing to take credit for it or not, Joe has built a network of representatives from every facet of the construction industry: from architects to AI experts, sales reps to supers, project managers to professional engineers… you get the idea. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stuff all of that collective expertise in your back pocket to use as a handy reference for when you are in a bind? Well, there’s an App for that! Mass Construction now has a server on the Discord App with 50+ users and counting, and it’s already paying dividends.

Here’s what it looks like.

What is “Discord” you ask? In essence, it is a revamp of the old internet chat rooms/bulletin boards with some shiny new features. There are “Channels” within the Mass Construction server for every construction-related topic you can think of (and there’s even a Channel for Channel suggestions). If you are interested in current lead times, lessons learned, tech, safety, codes, job opportunities, and anything in between then you can find discussions about those topics on the server.

The intent of the Mass Construction Discord server is to create a platform for the community to support each other and push one another to be better builders. Think of it as a quasi-think tank where we can crowdsource our way to advancing the construction industry as a whole. To hear more check out this episode of the Mass Construction Show where Joe KellyDan ConnollyChris Brindamour and I talk about our experiences with Discord thus far.

We hope that you are interested in contributing to the conversation. If so, click this invite link or reach out to Joe or myself. Once you’ve created an account, head over to the #introduce-yourself Channel to say hello, review the #ground-rules Channel quickly, and get chatting! If you are struggling with the user interface, this is a handy tutorial video for a quick summary. 

See you on the Mass Construction Discord!

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