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Mike Fish, CEO of Dellbrook | JKS, and I chatting on this live episode about company culture and a growth mindset.

Smart Contracts w/ Erik Sanford Mass Construction Show

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  1. Smart Contracts w/ Erik Sanford
  2. Miami Collapse discussion w/ Mike Yanovitch
  3. Jim Ansara: Founder of Shawmut Construction & Build Health International
  4. Mass Con News (un-licensed work, wellness, innovative concrete)
  5. Massive Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Review w/ Lt. Towski

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Justin Kane and Walsh Brothers were struggling to figure out a way to build the designed shielding system that would solve the $3M budget bust. This one is for construction nerds only but you’ll be fascinated with the solution
I’m sharing the full video of this episode here because I know not everyone listens to the podcast, and I think this is valuable information for understanding the impact that the construction shutdowns are having on companies.
Nick Schiffer stopped by to record an episode of the Mass Construction Show. We cover how he manages three separate business lines within his company, but really dig deep on what he has to say about social media and marketing for your business or personal brand. He also shares a passion about encouraging young people to join the trades/business.