How to Renew Your MA Construction Supervisors License (CSL)

The Massachusetts office of Public Safety and Inspections recently sent out notice explaining that the office is completely up to date in processing all CSL renewals. This means that if you are STILL waiting for your renewed license then something is amiss. More than likely your application was sent in incomplete. There are 3 steps to obtaining your license renewal in 5 weeks.

1. First things first. Do you need to register as a home improvement contractor (HIC)? Here’s what the MA Division of Professional Licensure Office of Public Safety and Inspections has to say about that:

In order for your license to be processed, you must either register as an HIC and provide the office with the registration number OR provide a written explanation as to why you do not need to register. Specifically, you do NOT need to register as an HIC if you:

  1. Do not contract with homeowners for remodeling work.
  2. Are retired and want to maintain your license, but do not perform CSL or HIC work.
  3. Contract exclusively for commercial construction or new construction.
  4. Work exclusively on your own properties or state/municipal properties.
  5. Work exclusively as a full-time employee for a company that you do not own.

If you meet this criteria, then fill out this form and include it with your renewal application.

2. Second, keep those course certificates. Of course you know that you have to submit proof of your completed continuing education requirements. The number of hours you are required to complete depends on your role:

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It’s important to know that all Construction Supervisor License holders are required to cover a specific number of continuing education per topic during each two-year renewal cycle. The number of required hour(s) of continuing education per topic is: 

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Mass Construction provides high quality construction education that will meet the requirements of your CSL renewal. Of course there are a bunch of other options here on the state website as well.

3. Third, complete your application. This can be done online, by mail, or in person. Either which way, you’re paying $100 ($200 if it’s 2 years expired), but it can all be completed at

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