How to Write a Construction Pre-fire Plan

Writing a construction pre-fire plan is an important part of the building process, one that you cannot ignore. For those of you who are a little confused about how to write one, this is by no means a comprehensive list of requirements — you will need to work with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for that. However, as a starting point, here are five things that you should cover. I hope it helps.

1. Access to Building

  Identify access to building (roadways, doors, loading docks, elevators, stairs)
  Specify any tenants and where (if applicable)
  Fire Command Center location
  Drawings and site information (where they are kept)

wall hydrant2. Site Conditions (attach plans):

  Fire hydrant locations
  Fire department connections locations
  Masterbox location (if applicable)
  Power shut-off location
  Gas shut-off location
  Fire pump location
  Sprinkler control valves location
  Generator location
  Emergency stop location
  FACP location
  Elevator machine room location
  Bi-directional antenna

3. Life Safety Systems (identify condition of systems: when will they be activated/installed, impairments, existing functioning with no impairments):

  Smoke evacuation
  Fire rating

pexels-photo-209197.jpeg4. Potential Hazards:

  Identify hazardous materials
  Fuel storage
  Any other risk to responding personnel

5. Contact Info (provide the following names and numbers):

  FPPM & alternate
  Sprinkler contractor
  Fire alarm contractor
  HVAC contractor
  Electrical contractor
  Property manager & alternate
  On-Site security

What am I missing? Tell me

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