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Mike Fallon, Chief Investment Officer of the Fallon Companies stops by the Mass Construction Show to talk all things real estate development.  We discuss how a developer assesses a project, macro and micro data analysis, the impact that construction cost has on product, how zoning precedent changes the structure of a deal,  and what goes into a “pro forma.” We also talk about some demographic challenges that effect the construction labor market and how Mike thinks about brand as it relates to a real estate development company.  He answers the million dollar question: If everybody needs Class B real estate why do we keep building more Class A? 

Here’s the article I was mentioning about in- and out-migrants’ in major metropolitan areas.  “Characteristics of Domestic Cross-Metropolitan Migrants” 

Enjoy the show.

or listen on Anchor -> https://anchor.fm/joekelly/episodes/Mass-Construction-Show-w-guest-Mike-Fallon-e1qgen

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