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We keep waiting for construction cost to put enough pressure on the market to slow things down, but it’s taking quite some time to happen. Will it happen? This is a solid article that gives an Edens’s cost comparison of a movie theatre in Virginia vs. Boston which is eye opening. It also gives some good prospective from developers.

Worth a read: How Unchecked Construction Costs Can Be A Boston Business Turnoff


Fire downtown Denver

We saw another large loss fire with “podium”/ light frame wood construction, this time in Denver. Two workers were tragically killed. As a result of three large loss fires here in Massachusetts there has been a tremendous focus on making these structures safer during the construction process while they are unprotected, but I believe the loss of lives in Denver is going to accelerate regulatory and industry changes.

Watch the video to get a sense of the severity when this type of construction catches on fire: Second body found in remains of North Capitol Hill construction fire


Cross Laminated Timber CLT is something to keep an eye on. A product that’s been used in Europe for 20 years and in Canada for 8 is becoming more popular as of late.  A big driver is that the most recent addition of the International Building Code specifies CLT under Type IV construction, opening the door for its use without an appeals process. In reference to the story in Denver, CLT, in contrast, performs well in fire conditions.

It’s worth scrolling through the slideshow of pictures; there are some cool interior renderings and photos of the structural testing: The first cross-laminated timber high-rise in the U.S. now has a building permit (this is high-rise which would still need appeals process)

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