Podcast Episode with Bill Held

In this weeks episode we are joined by Bill Held, Principal at The Cardinal Group a Construction Management firm specializing in Life Science industry.  We discuss the life science and manufacturing industry and how working in and building those facilities differ from typical construction.  Bill covers the intensive nature of the equipment, pre-fabrication, modular skids and now the “super skid”.  We talk generally about running a business, how he’s handled Cardinal Group’s tremendous growth, what goes into culture, and Bill’s focus on “operating in the capacity as an extension of the clients staff”.  We talk about intensive front end planning as a way to increase pre-fabrication, and managing risk buy reducing occurrences of things like fall hazards, hot work and confined space.

Enjoy the show!

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bill-held-principal-at-the-cardinal-group/id1430097279?i=1000419900338&mt=2 (iTunes) 

https://anchor.fm/joekelly/episodes/Bill-Held-Principal-at-The-Cardinal-Group-e2524n (multi platform via Anchor)

Author: Joe Kelly

Website builder and podcaster for people who dig construction 🔨 🚧

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