Episode #4: Commissioner Buddy Christopher

In this episode of the Mass Construction Show we have William “Buddy” Christopher, Commissioner of the Inspectional Services Department for the City of Boston. For folks who don’t know, the Inspectional Services Department encompasses the Building Department (which permitted $5.7B in 2017) along with Health, Housing, and a number of other agencies. Buddy discusses ISD’s philosophy and how to change his department’s mindset from a “department of no” to, “is there a way we can make this work?” We dive into what’s happening in the neighborhoods, including an area of Boston I had never heard of – Glover’s Corner.  We also talk building code, zoning, podium construction, fire safety and more.anthony-delanoix-16744-unsplash

Enjoy the show!

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-4/id1430097279?i=1000419113200&mt=2 (iTunes)

https://anchor.fm/joekelly/episodes/William-Christopher-City-of-Boston–Commissioner-of-ISD-e257oq/a-a54qf2 (multi-platform via Anchor)

Author: Joe Kelly

Website builder and podcaster for people who dig construction 🔨 🚧

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